New Datasets Added to ILAMB

26 May 2022 - Nathan Collier

We have added 5 new datasets to the ILAMB collection. Please run ilamb-fetch to update your local collection and check ilamb.cfg for details on how to include them in your local runs. Alternatively you may browse some results against a subset of CMIP6 models. The new additions include:

  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation from Davies-Barnard
  • Gross Primary Productivity, Sensible and Latent Heat from WECANN (Water, Energy, and Carbon with Artificial Neural Networks)
  • Latent, Sensible, and Ground Heat Flux, Runoff, Precipitation and Net Radiation from CLASS (Conserving Land-Atmosphere Synthesis Suite)
  • Biomass from ESACCI (European Space Agency, Biomass Climate Change Initiative)
  • Surface Soil Moisture from WangMao

To see how these new additions look relative to other datasets in our collection, see the following comparisons: cVeg, gpp, hfls, hfss, mrro, pr, rns.