We have developed the ILAMB methodology over the course of many years and community meetings. Here we present a collection of publications and reports which you may find useful in learning about what ILAMB is and how it is used.

The International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) System: Design, Theory, and Implementation

This paper presents an overview of our scoring methodology with mathematical details along with our thinking on what scores mean and how they should be used. 10.1029/2018MS001354

2016 International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) Workshop Report

This report constitutes the outcome of the 2016 ILAMB workshop and contains a representation of the state of the art in model benchmarking along with community recommendations for future work. 10.2172/1330803

Evaluating Uncertainties in Marine Biogeochemical Models: Benchmarking Aerosol Precursors

A first paper on developing the International Ocean Model Benchmarking (IOMB) effort, focused on accurate representation of aerosols in the marine boundary layer (MBL) which is essential to reduce uncertainty and provide reliable information on offsets to global warming. 10.3390/atmos9050184

A Framework for Benchmarking Land Models

An earlier paper which proposes our benchmarking framework for evaluation of land model performances and highlights major challenges at an infant stage of benchmark analysis. 10.5194/bg-9-3857-2012